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 Bring on the Hail!!

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PostSubject: Bring on the Hail!!   Thu Jul 01, 2010 11:58 pm

Alright, so I got an amazing Ice/Hail team. Im not gonna go into too many specifics for I hate to waste my time.

Abomasnow @ Chioce Band
-252 ATK and 252 HP
-Ice Shard
-Wood Hammer
My lead, takes care of dragons with a quick ice shard and has many options. Usually outspeeds and takes care of slower leads like Swampart.

Glaceon @ Bright Powder
-252 Sp. ATK and 252 HP
-HP (Fighting)
Haha. Oh how I love Glaceon. Miss Hax help it stand against even the biggest threats. This BlueFox has taken down many pokemon that would do alot of harm to my team. A Blizzard from Glaceon is truly one to remember, resistant or not.

Walrein @ Leftovers
-252 HP and Defensive Evs
-HP (Fire)
Only "Wall" I have on this team. Also is my only real Scizor counter, but sadly if that Scizor has Super Power Im down. Also can take care of fires.

Weavile @ Focus Sash
-252 ATK and 252 SPD
-Ice Pawnch
-Night Slash
-Birck Break
-Swords D.
Main sweeper, one SD and he is pretty much set. 2 to be safe.

Mamoswine @ Chioce Scarf
-252 ATK and 252 SPD
-Ice Shard
-Ice Fang
-Stone Edge
I catch people by surpris with this one, and kills off most steel sweepers and infernape. As well as Chioce Scarf Heatran I believe. Stone Edge is for gyrados.

Froslass @ Focus Sash
-252 Sp. ATK and 252 SPD
My spiker and fighting counter, also takes care of gyrados.

I've been thinking about adding a Clotster. 180 base defense seems pretty interesting.
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PostSubject: Re: Bring on the Hail!!   Fri Jul 02, 2010 11:02 am

As a hail team, i like it but there is a few things that stand out to me.

The first is the mass of weaknesses, 5/6 are weak to Fire, Rock, Fighting and Steel types. this means that an Infernape would cause a mountain of problems. I realise that a scarfed Mamoswine can take care of this problem but if its against a scarfed infernape, the Infernape outspeeds. A Heatran also causes problems here. In my experience, most Heatrans are scarfed, so they will outspeed everything on your team apart from Weavile and Mamoswine. As for the addition of Cloyster, i think this would be a good idea. the Godly physical defence would be a great asse for your team, and (if you wanted to) they can run both Toxic and Normal Spikes, which makes the battle a lot easier. Perhaps it would be an idea to make this more of a stall team, and let hail, spikes, toxic spikes and stealth rock do gradual damage to your opponent.

But as i said earlier, as a hail team, i quite like it, you have many different roles in your team and it can do a lot of damage.
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PostSubject: hail team   Tue Jul 13, 2010 9:26 am

Just because it's a "hail team" doesn't mean all your pokes have to be ice types. Threats like scizor, heatran and infernape can EASILY be handled by a bulky gyara not to mention with the help with wish/glaceon, gyara would be a super tank and maybe including pokes like machamp, scizor or lucario may be a good plan to take care of the most feared threat, tyranitar.
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PostSubject: Re: Bring on the Hail!!   

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Bring on the Hail!!
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