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Have you gotten tired of the same Pokemon metagame? Are the constant Scizor, Salamence, Metagross and more recently Tyranitar appearances making you wish there were another kind of metagame that you could play, but UU just isn't your thing, or you're bored of that, too?

Giving NFE a chance may change that. While not all the NFE pages are done on the site yet, the 'standard' NFE tier is very close to complete, and can provide you sufficient information to get a head start. The NFE metagame consists of any Pokemon who isn't fully evolved. Just like in standard play, they belong to their own tiers in consideration of their abilities and power. What makes NFE different is the completely different battling mindstate, a complete overhaul on what types counter what Pokemon, and some new strategies that may revive your interest in Pokemon. Even if it doesn't, you can have a much wider variety of Pokemon battling. If you end up becoming advanced in NFE battling, you can even submit your own NFE Pokemon sets, and have them added to the site! - The Best Source for NFE Information 2nlyftc
Pokerealm has MUCH more than just NFE information, however. Downloadable Shoddy teams, downloadable Wonder cards for recent Pokemon events, clear, concise articles on things such as RNG-abusing and EV-training, as well as complete pages of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver sprites (shiny and normal) can all be found on this site. Are you new to NFE? There's an article that describes what NFE is like, and the most common threats that a NFE team should be able to counter, which will put you in the right mindstate for starting the new metagame. There is even an extensive Speed tier listing.

For artists, Pokerealm offers you a chance to publish your wallpapers and avatars onto the site (full credit given). For new competitive battling players, there's an IV-breeding guide, intro to (standard) battling guide, as well as Hidden Power chart that will aid you in making competitive battling teams.

Check the site out if you're looking for a new style of Pokemon battling, or you are simply looking for some kind of Pokemon information.
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